HOMOSEXUAL patients were victimised as public announcements

HOMOSEXUAL patients were victimised as public announcements mocked them and a gays-only toilet was set up. Degrading A former nurse said yesterday:' The whole regime in Ashworth was inhumane and degrading.' It was like something out of the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. If anything, it was more brutal.' The report, by an inquiry team headed by QC Sir Louis Blom-Cooper, also reveals rampant racism and extreme Right-wing bigotry. Racist staff called black patients' nigger.' Swastikas were stamped on files and British National Party recruitment posters were plastered around wards. BNP stickers were found bearing the slogans: Love the White Race, Outlaw Homosexuality and Protect Us From AIDS. The report says the management was so weak it failed to control the savagery and racism. And staff members went to war on each other. Anyone who tried to blow the whistle on the violence was intimidated or threatened. Hate The same fate awaited nurses who tried to treat patients properly. And Nazi supporters orchestrated a hate campaign against colleagues belonging

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